WATERLAND by contemporary photographer Vadim Doctorov


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For the first time outside of Ukraine Modern and contemporary art collection of the most extraordinary series of trick photography.

The collection allows people to look at WATER, typically taken for granted, from a different and unique perspective.

THE WATERLAND GALLERY aims to distinguish the recognition and reputation-based approach to the guided discovery process of brand new art styles and art forms.

It took 5 years to design and execute the project. The art team consisting of skilled and highly experienced professionals put the time and a great deal of effort into this project to make it successful.


1. Parts of Water are created by photographic means; no details painted.

2. Forms of Water are generated by various techniques to create specific images.

3. Entourage Design and Clothing are created by a fashion designer exclusively for the project; some pieces will be showcased at the exhibition.

4. The Photo Gallery conveys modern trends and tendencies in the contemporary art world. It is unique, and has no analogues in the other genres and species of art. It’s a new milestone in the world of photography


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